Our Program

THE PROGRAM (New Inventory)

KO Machinery sells a vast amount of new equipment and we are adding new manufacturers and products all the time. Our skid steer and lift equipment are manufacturer direct programs that allow the buyer to purchase at discounted rates versus typical brick and mortar dealerships. As well, our vast line of mulching and land clearing equipment is manufacturer direct allowing for savings of up to 15-20% in most cases.

THE PROGRAM (Used Inventory)

The majority of our used machines are sold on a consignment basis. As such, we have a direct relationship with our vendor clients. Vendors include dealers, small/medium sized businesses as well as individuals. When you locate a machine in our inventory that interests you and inquire with us, the following steps are the normal protocol and procedure that we follow to insure our buyers security in the transaction.


1. Buyer prospect inquires via phone call or email.

2. KO Machinery emails basic information and preliminary set of photos to buyer prospect.

3. Upon confirmation that the machine is acceptable based on the preliminary email to buyer prospect, we begin to interface in a more formal fashion with buyer in order to answer detailed questions regarding the machine including it’s ownership history, it’s work history, it’s component history, collection of repair documentation as well as the coordination of conference calls to the owner of the machine in order to introduce buyer to seller and to conduct a higher level of due diligence.


4. Buyer prospect is now satisfied with preliminary information regarding the machine and wishes to either inspect the machine personally or schedule a third party inspection with a dealer to professionally inspect the machine. At this point, KO Machinery coordinates the inspection of the machine by arranging a time for the buyer to come out and look at the machine. If the buyer is too far to drive and inspect the machine, we normally arrange a third party inspection by an equipment dealer that is closest to the location of the machine.


5. Buyer prospect has now personally inspected the machine and/or has paid for a third party inspection to be conducted by the nearest equipment dealer to the machine. At this point buyer prospect is ready to move forward in the transaction and make an offer on the machine. Once the verbal offer is accepted by the owner of the machine, KO Machinery requests an invoice from the owner of the machine. Once KO Machinery receives the invoice from the owner, we turn around and send our invoice to the buyer prospect. *We earn a commission on every sales transaction we coordinate and these fees are added to the sales price of the machine. Our normal commission range is between 5-7% in most cases.

– At this point in the sales cycle, it may be pertinent to order a UCC search in order to identify whether or not a lien exists on the machine. In most cases the owner of the machine owns the unit free and clear, but sometimes there is still a loan in place. We use third party vendors for this step if buyer prospect wants to add an extra layer of protection in the purchase process. Please see the details of this process here – http://www.groundclearancellc.com/index.htm


6. Our job is not done until you receive your machine. As such, KO Machinery can assist in getting you shipping quotes from one or more of our many transport vendors. We have long standing relationships with transport professionals that can haul most any type of machinery including dozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders as well as heavy haul items including scrapers, crawler cranes and the like.